photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

Shreve & Co. along with Kwiat hosted a kick-off party for the SF Ballet's Opening Night Gala. The event brought together Encore! members at Shreve's Union Square location. 

Ali Kolozsi_Laura Miller Christine Hwang_John Hopkins Gia Colosi_Kelly Grimes
Ali Kolozsi, Laura Miller               Christine Hwang, John Hopkins   Gia Colosi, Kelly Grimes

Josie Sims_Raja Khalaf Erin Sledd_James Dixon Shaila Freyer_Lauren Dickinson
Josie Sims, Rasha Khalaf              Erin Sledd, James Dixon          Shaila Freyer, Lauren Dickinson

Stacey Pang_Erin Sledd Melissa Gisler_Tricia Weaver Karita Ilvonen_Jennifer Garland
Stacey Pang, Erin S.                     Melissa Gisler, Tricia Weaver   Karita Ilvonen, Jennifer Garland

Peter Bell_Heather Henson_Keith Sedwick Kotchetkova_Vanderlinden
Peter Bell, Heather Henson, Keith Sedwick                       Maria Kotchetkova, Aubert Vanderlinden

Doyel_Elmore_Fedoroff Stephanie Russell_Kathryn McMorrow
Elizabeth Doyel, Paula Elmore, Nina Federoff                      Stephanie Russell, Kathryn McMorrow 

John Hopkins, L'Anne Bignham, Keith Sedwick, Jewel Sparks

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