The San Francisco International Film Festival is underway for the 56th straight year, but there’s something new from a technology angle this year– an iOS app developed by a Presidio-based startup, epoch.

The app allows you to view the trailers for the seven favorite films at the festival as chosen by seven noteworthy San Franciscans–Willie Brown, the San Francisco Ballet's Maria Kochetkova, actor Delroy Lindo, Chez Panisse’s Alice Waters, film director John Waters, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and the San Francisco Giants.

Traditionally, it has been difficult for people to figure out which of the more than 150 films to attend, but the epoch app eases that by aggregating trailers in an intuitive touch and swipe UI that works well on an iPad or iPhone.

“We have transformed the film festival program guide into an experience,” says John Root Stone, co-founder and CEO of epoch.