SF Biking by the Numbers


Happy Bike to Work Day! Thousands of people, including the Mayor, are pedaling to the office today. In celebration of San Francisco's biggest biking day of the year, I decided to forgo my usually wordy diatribe on how great biking in SF is (it is!), and instead let the numbers do the talking. Here are a few stats to get you excited about the big bike day. Happy pedaling!

Increase in number of people biking in San Francisco in the last five years: 71%

Number of people biking in a two hour stretch on 11th and Market: 1,173

Percentage of morning traffic on Market and Van Ness on last year's Bike to Work Day: 75%

Official SF City goal of percentage of trips by bike by the year 2020: 20%

Current percentage of trips in SF by bike: 3.5%

Miles of new bike lanes added since the injunction was lifted: 23

Number of on-street bike corrals on San Francisco streets: 15

Miles SF2G (San Francisco to Google) riders commute by bike one way: 40

Total number of Energizer Stations set up around the city today to fuel bike riders: 27

District Supervisors who rode their bike today: 10 out of 11

San Francisco’s ranking of best cities to live car free: 1

Note: All bicycle count numbers come from SFMTA bike counts. The CIty conducts counts annually at 23 locations citywide, and on Bike to Work Day at Market and Van Ness.

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