For a recent article on chefs and their favorite olio nuovos, I also asked them all what olive oils they use in general. Here are some of their favorites. Take note: The very approachably-priced California Olive Ranch brand was noted by more than one chef as their favorite for general use. I have some in my own cupboard. For the rest of these olive oils, I see Christmas presents.

Chef Melissa Perello, Frances
Calvi Mosto Oro
($35, .75 liter) at Case de Case

Chef Mark Gordon, Terzo
Olio nuovo: Fiordolio ($128, 5 litres) at Casa de Case
General use: California Olive Ranch ($10–$14, 500 ml) at TK

Chef Adam Keough, Absinthe
General use: California Olive Ranch Arbequina Olive Oil (see above)

Chef Gayle Pirie and John Clark, Foreign Cinema and Show Dogs 
Stephen Singer Extra Vergine Olio ($32 at 750 ml) at Bi-Rite Market

Chef Ismael Macias, LarkCreekSteak
General use: Huile D'Olive Papillon extra virgin ($17.50, 16 oz)

Chef Michael Tusk, Quince and Cotogna
: Vittorio Cassini from Liguria ($39.95, 500 ml)
Villa Mille Rose from Napa Valley ($84, 375 ml) as well as Cimarossa ($25, 375 ml) from Howell Mountain