SF Cocktail Week's Top Five, #2: The Alembic Take on The Savoy


My number two Cocktail Week event is not necessarily an SFCW exclusive, since the folks at Alembic do this periodically. But seeing as you're in an especially heightened state of cocktail awareness, it's a great time to participate.

Sunday evening, May 17, at The Alembic on Haight, head bartender Daniel Hyatt, and Savoy cocktail expert and blogger-turned-tender Erik Ellestad, will be making cocktails from the illustrious 1930 cocktail manifesto The Savoy Cocktail Book, written by Harry Craddock. The regular Alembic menu will not be available, only drinks such as the Damn-The-Weather Cocktail or Apparent Cocktail or any of the hundreds of other drinks in the classic book. It's fun—they just place copies of the 293-page book out on the bar, you pick one up and thumb through until you find something interesting. It's also a challenge for the bartenders: Some of the ingredients regularly called for in these antique recipes no longer exist (Forbidden Fruit liqueur, Kummel, etc.) and have had to be recreated, to the best of their ability, by the staff.

It's a great journey down cocktail history and a lovely way to pass a Sunday evening.

Admission is free, but there will be a charge for cocktails.




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