SF GIRL(S): The College Student's Dating Scene


Jessica Schimm is a beloved 7x7 online intern who recently graduated from SF State. This is the second of three posts she'll be writing about what it's like to navigate the tough patch of life between college and the real world, without completely freaking out. 

Near the end of my first year of college in San Francisco, I took an acting class. I just about fell over when I was paired with a Joseph Gordon-Levitt look-a-like for a scene. Though skinny jeans are not usually my type, he was gorgeous and my mind raced through all sorts of exciting possibilities. We were assigned somewhat of a romantic scene, and to further our connection I suggested we hold hands at the end.

Though he seemed nervous and even slightly uncomfortable to hold my hand, he did it anyway. I even told him once that “the girls must be all over him,” to which he gave a confused look and nodded. After about a week and a half of flirtiness and a successful romantic-ish scene later, I asked him if he had a girlfriend.

He laughed.

“Jessica, I’m gay.”

After clamping up with complete embarrassment, I went home and checked his Facebook; it was confirmed.

If that doesn’t say small-town girl meets the city, I’m not sure what does.

With the hope of finding some straight Joseph Gordon-Levitts, my friends and I stick to a somewhat categorized pattern of the city.

Most people can name where certain kinds of guys play on Friday nights, depending on the neighborhood region. And no neighborhood or certain group of guys is better than the other, we just choose depending on our own style. It’s typecasting, it’s stereotyping...but it’s so very true.

North Beach and Marina: Think Maggie McGarrys and The Blue Light

Although most people bemoan how these two neighborhoods contain the majority of San Francisco’s bros, honestly I don't mind their dark-wash, loose fitting jeans and buttoned down shirts with occasional sweater vests thrown in. Short hair and clean shaven faces have their place, as do slick looks and people who make enough money to buy you a drink. You’re only young once.

SoMa/East Mission: Think 21st Amendment and crowd at Southern Pacific Brewery

SoMa is an interesting mix, Giants fans from suburbia flutter in during games, but mostly my girlfriends and I see the techies, or what I like to call, the Madmen Hipsters. Snug fitting pants in mustard or forest green hues, trimmed beard, black rimmed glasses, and cardigans dominate the scene. Computer talk can sometimes be hard to follow, but it is pretty cool to meet someone who’s working on a project that may (or may not) change the world.

Straight-up Mission: Think Zeitgeist and Elbo Room

Many of my girlfriends purposely head out to the Mission for their full on “alt” hipster fix. We’re in our early twenties, so bringing home a dude with tattoos, piercings, longer hair, untrimmed beards in cut off shorts to scare our parents still sounds appealing.

Richmond/Sunset: Think Abbey’s Tavern and Shannon Arms

When we were in college and seeking out guys that we may have more interactions with during school, we stick to the Richmond or the Sunset. In the Richmond we were bound to come across USF students and in the Sunset, SF State students. Now that we’re out of school it is kind of comforting to come across a fellow student at the bars. Cheers to reliving college days!

Obviously you can find any kind of guy in any San Francisco neighborhood, from the country guys (yes, rare, but it’s happened), to men from all over the world, and everything in-between. So be safe, get your small talk lines ready, and good luck this Friday night!

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