On Monday, March 31 Nion McEvoy and Randall Kline co-hosted a cocktail party to celebrate the upcoming 25th Anniversary Gala celebrating legendary saxophonist and composer Wayne Shorter. The event was held at the Marc Jacobs store on Maiden Lane and featured jazz, complimentary hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.

photography by Aubrie Pick

Sal Abaunza, Drew Berry

Donna Novack, Gary Novack

Charlotte Chipperfield

Charlotte Chipperfield, Dominik Schieweck, Kirk Southweil

Cecily Hudson

Doug Acres, Nerrisa Lu, Shannon Flannigan, and Guest

Shannon Flannigan and Guest

Randall Kline

Nion McEvoy

Diana Nguyen, Steve Medina

Richard Wright, Fernanda Da Silva

Carrie Westlake, Natalie Flynn

Verna Gibbs, Louis Almaraz

Grace Prasad, Corey Weinstein

Susan Dunlevy, Jeana Toney

Brian Hollins, Robert Mailer Anderson

Alik Lee, Grace Prasad

Allison Speer, Fernanda Da Silva

Susan Dunlevy, Marshall Lam

Michael Feno, Cathy Rogers

Justin Hafen, Rene Hollins

Lucille Wilbur, Susan Rubenstein, Pat Skala

Lilli Howse, Michael Howse

Robert Mailer Anderson, Susan Rubenstein, Randall Kline

Randall Kline, Robert Mailer Anderson

Nion McEvoy, Kyle Goldman

Heidi Pettit, Margaret Mitchell

Nion McEvoy, Nicola Miner

Nion McEvoy, Nicola Miner, Randall Kline