SF Mixtape Society Meet Up @ Makeout Room This Weekend


Even in this age of soulless iPod shuffle, compiling mixtapes for your high school friends or crushes is a rite of passage, like writing bad, angst-ridden poetry or sneaking out of your bedroom for makeout sessions. After that it becomes an artform — that is if you give enough of a damn about music to move beyond classic rock and punk. If you're a connoisseur of the mixtape, you can command respect in any room you enter.

Luckily, the SF Mixtape Society is here for you when your friends aren't in need. Their latest meet-up and trade, with entrepreneurial "Lemonade Stand" and Save KUSF themes, is at the Makeout Room this Sunday, June 12. Come with your most killer mix on tape, CD, or USB to trade for someone else's (you'll even get a free drink!).

And they're giving away prizes to the most savvy mix-makers in the land. Judges and attendees will vote on mixes with the best artwork and track listing. For the top prize of Best Mix Tape, submit your mix here. Prizes include packages from the SFMOMA, Matador Records, and KUSF-In-Exile (winners will also be invited on air to play and talk about their mixes).

Moral of the story? Bring your A game. You'll probably even make a new friend or two. And don't forget to bring money to donate to KUSF-In-Exile.

SF Mixtape Society Meet Up, Sunday, June 13, 4-6 pm. Makeout Room, 3225 Mission St. 415-647-2888.

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