photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

The San Francisco Opera Ball brought Opera Guild members together at the home of Orrick CEO Ralph Baxter and Opera Ball Co-Chairman Cheryl Baxter for a night of drinking, noshing and dancing to live music.

Lisa Kieu, Tony Elkin      Kristen Martin, Megan McKeegan  Rich La Motte, Chris Schumacher

Cheryl and Jenny Baxter  Afsaneh Akhtari, Max Nugus  Elizabeth Lawrence, Diane Rubin

Guest, Beth Sullivan    Heather Neville, Lauren Packard  Johnathon Ocker, Diane Wynne

Marilyn Timoney, Teresa Medearis                                     Varsha Rao, Sobia Shaikh, Guest

Susan Kulick, Ralph Baxter  Trish Loucks, Caroline Altman  Cheryl Baxter, Marybeth LaMotte

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