SF "Summer": Feeling Hot, Eating Cool


Quick! Quick! It's summer outside. With nary a daylight hour to waste, we've hastily drafted this list of the things we most wish we were eating right now, instead of sitting at our desks. Should you have the good fortune to be playing hooky today here's a list of the ten greatest hot weather edibles in San Francisco.

  • Ringing in at under $2, the paletas (popsicles) sold throughout the Mission are our go-to sunny day snack. Cucumber-jalapeño and coconut are particular favorites, and Casa Guadalupe (2598 Folsom St., 415-641-7658) always has a good supply.
  • Oft imitated, there is no granita better than the espresso granita at Zuni Cafe (1658 Market St., 415-552-2522), topped with its signature cloud of whipped cream. Heat wave? What heat wave?
  • The sea breeze, the view of the Bay, the blue crab and tomato timbale with avocado chili-lime vinaigrette—the perfect summer evening at Plant Cafe (Pier 3, 415-984-1973).
  • A lobster roll and the make-your-own lemonade at Woodhouse Fish Company (2073 Market St., 415-437-2722)—ferry to Nantucket? Who needs a ferry to Nantucket?
  • You have to eat dinner, but you can't bear to cook—the answer lies in a heaping bowl of bun cha gio thit from Pagolac (655 Larkin St., 415-776-3234)—cool rice noodles topped with shrimp, imperial rolls and lots of fresh herbs.
  • The ideal libation to accompany games of croquet and tennis and other blue-blood pursuits, a very fine Pimm's Cup can be ordered at Absinthe (398 Hayes St., 415-551-1590), where it comes with the requisite cool cucumber garnish.
  • Forget gazpacho—true refreshment comes in the form of the cold dessert of coconut-tapioca "soup" from New Hong Kong Menu (667 Commercial St., 415-391-3677).
  • Long day in the sun? Refresh with a spicy beer at Laiola (2031 Chestnut St., 415-346-5641)—PBR on ice spiked with vinegar, chili and lime.
  • Go christen the newly-reopened Limon (524 Valencia St., 415-252-0918) with an order of any one of their outstanding ceviches.
  • Skip the lines at Bi-Rite and queue up instead for a scoop of "Jesus Juice" sorbet at Humphry Slocombe (2790 Harrison St., 415-550-6971). Who knew red wine and coke could taste so good together?
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