SF Symphony Opening Gala


The SF Symphony kicked off the 2007-08 season with an opening gala where soprano Renée Fleming performed with Michael Tilson Thomas at Davies Symphony Hall. The black-tie affair included a cocktail reception and lavish dinner.

Billy & Vanessa Getty Annette Harris Edward & Margaret Liu Collins
Billy & Vanessa Getty                               Annette Harris                 Edward & Margaret Liu Collins

Carl & Yurie Pascarella Allison Speer James Hormel_Sako Fisher
Carl & Yurie Pascarella                          Allison Speer                    James Hormel, Sako Fisher

Juliet & Andre de Baubigny Carol Bonnie Katya Sorokko_Jason Arnoldy
Juliet & Andre de Baubigny                     Carol Bonnie                  Katya Sorokko, Jason Arnoldy

Tracy Johnson_Bobbi Gates Deborah Rocha Makai Fisher_Vashen Sarkissian
Tracy Johnson, Bobbi Gates                 Deborah Rocha             Makai Fisher, Vashen Sarkissian

James Hormel_Tim Wu Jennifer Siebel Kimberly Bakker_Alex Witherill
James Hormel, Tim Wu                          Jennifer Siebel                Kimberly Bakker, Alex Witherill

Marcia & John Goldman Kirsten Bartok Michael Tilson Thomas_John Goldman
Marcia & John Goldman                       Kirsten Bartok          Michael Tilson Thomas, John Goldman

Therese & Malcom Post Miryung Song OJ Shansby_Charlotte Shultz
Therese & Malcom Post                          Miryung Song                 OJ Shansby, Charlotte Shultz

Trude See_Robert Fountain Tatiana Sorokko Yurie Pascarella_Sako Fisher
Trude See, Robert Fountain                Tatiana Sorokko               Yurie Pascarella, Sako Fisher

Vanessa Getty_Roger Barnett Symphony Gala 2007 Carl Pascarella_Dede Wilsey
Vanessa Getty, Roger Barnett                                                    Carl Pascarella, Dede Wilsey

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