SF vs. LA

Who’s getting it on, what turns you on, and does the size of anything really matter?

I was in LA this week, and to my delight, Los Angeles Magazine just published highlights from its “first annual sex survey.”  If San Francisco and Los Angeles ever seemed worlds apart to you, the following may just solidify that sentiment.

SF vs. LA
photography by Christian Carroll

Here’s what’s going on down South. According to Los Angeles Magazine: “Men will really do anything to get ahead. Those surveyed were almost three times as likely as women to have slept with someone for professional gain. Of those who did, 95 percent said it worked.”

This definitely didn’t surprise me. I mean, after all, LA is the place where the first question anyone asks is, “What do you do?” (read:  What can you do for me?)

But I have to ask San Franciscans: Have you ever slept with someone to get ahead. Did it work? Did you get work? Let me know.

Moving right along ...
“Stay out of downtown if you have breast implants, where 52 percent of men surveyed think you’re a turnoff and the rest simply don’t care. But you may have better luck in Hollywood, where, more than in any other area (in Los Angeles) guys think fake is fabulous (Los Angeles Magazine, September 2007).”

Can you imagine a similar study being done in SF? I doubt the breast implant ratio is high enough to even register on the map let alone by neighborhood.

What I’d like to know is this: What’s your take on women with implants? Do you care? Do you have them? If so, how has it affected your sex life?

Let’s see. What else?
“'Doggie Style’ took first across the board as men’s favorite sexual position (Los Angeles Magazine, September 2007).

Do my fellow San Franciscans favor one position or another? Are we a doggie-style town? Or an “Eiffel Tower” city?

How are you all doing it?

And finally ...
"Fifty-one percent of women tell their partners that size doesn’t matter; 83 percent of them are liars."

Is this a universal truth for Northern and Southern Californians? Are we all size queens? Do you mean it when you say it’s the cutest you’ve ever seen? And, if so, what exactly do you mean by that?

I like to think San Francisco sex is a whole different ball of something or other. But do tell. Leave your comments here or email me at feedback@sexwithemily.com. Either way, your secret is safe with me—you will remain anonymous.

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