A launch party for the SFMOMA’s Art Auction 2008 was held at the InterContinental Hotel’s Grand Ballroom on Tuesday, April 1. The soiree featured a cocktail reception and a special preview of some of the artwork.

Nora Desruisseaux, Redge Martin, Meredith Rogers

Lee Wells, Blair Wynne

Candace Cavanaugh, Molly Malone

Robert Schwartz, Dolly Chammas

Alka Agrawakl, Ravin Agrawal, Betsy Linder

Dolly Chammas, Kelly Painter, Carol Painter, Matt Painter

John Stewart, Dorka Keehn, Jessica Mullens

Charlot Malin, Gregory Malin

Jody Thelander, Alessandro Ribola

Julie Ader, Marybeth La Motte

Marissa Mayer, Zachary Bogue

Peggy Newton, Dolly Chammas