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The next few weeks are packed full of great not-to-miss shows coming to an SF venue near you. Here are three of them that are definitely worth checking out:

Editors at the Fillmore on Thursday, September 20.


courtesy of Editors

This Birmingham, England-based post-punk foursome are known for their dark and brooding brand of rock that mixes lush soundscapes with an edgy punk spirit. On their sophomore album The End Has A Start these gloomy Brits–who have drawn comparisons to Interpol, Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen–grapple with questions about love, life and death on songs like the chilling “The Racing Rats” and the stunning opener “Smokers Outside the Hospital” where sparse lyrics mesh with baroquely layered guitars and frenetic percussion. These 2006 Mercury Prize nominees are not to be missed.

Oakley Hall at Bottom of the Hill on Saturday, September 22.

courtesy of Oakley Hall

This Brooklyn-based bluegrass-fused rock outfit brings a southern spin to the indie-rock tradition on their fourth album I’ll Follow You. Think slide guitars, banjo and twangy male/female harmonies that conjure visions of dusty desolate highways and wind-blown tumbleweeds. The name Oakley Hall even sounds like a cool honky-tonk venue in a lonely ghost town, or perhaps a fictional place found in Disneyland’s rustic Pioneer Town. OK, so they probably borrowed their quirky moniker from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author with the same name, but who doesn’t love a little country with their indie; especially when they sing about heart-shaped thunderclouds.

Imperial Teen at Bottom of the Hill on Saturday, September 29.

courtesy of Imperial Teen

With their first album in more than five years, The Hair the TV the Baby and the Band, Imperial Teen have stayed true to the infectious pop melodies that put this foursome on the indie radar back in the mid ’90s. This classic alternative group have kept their sprightly, shimmering power pop sound and youthful energy on their latest effort but have included more adult-oriented lyrics, showing that even these perennial adolescents have finally grown up. This acceptance of maturing gracefully is also implied in the title of the album, referencing the various career and life trajectories of this back-from-hiatus quartet. Thankfully Imperial Teen have decided to reform, providing our jaded ears with fun and effervescent jangling pop.

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