Show Review: Broken Social Scene @ The Fillmore


For one thing, these guys (and gals) love San Francisco. Kevin Drew could pretty much remember every single Bay Area show they've played over the last 5 years. Impressive considering their intense tour schedules. Not only that, but they kicked off their Forgiveness Rock Record tour right here in our City by the the infamous Fillmore on Saturday night. Doesn't get much better than that folks. It being the first night of the tour, there were obviously a few technical glitches, but with seven mics and over a dozen different instruments, we're surprised it went as flawlessly as it did.

It would be tough to point out standout songs, musicians or even moments at this show because in reality, and especially with Broken Social Scene, they perform in the manner of their original intentions, as a complete collective. Their undeniable cohesion at times resembled something of an indie jam session, but instead of a Phish-transcending-space-feeling, it was more like a Lisa Lobsinger/Brendan Canning/Kevin Drew-causing-you-to-lose-your-mind-with-their-spontaneous-and-impeccable-synchronicity. Sometimes when you get a mish-mash of talent, it can end up a hot mess, but somehow they always pull it out on top with arresting lyrics and awe-inspiring musicianship.

Needless to say, the new album sounds phenomenal live, and their old hits really never get old. Honestly. They may be one of the best live bands out there today. They're that good. Forgiveness Rock Record will be officially released tomorrow, May 4th.

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