Show Review: Hot Chip at the Fox


Hot Chip is the electro-pop band from across the pond that everyone loves to love. And the hipster/raver types who were out in gyrating droves for their Fox Theater performance last Friday certainly didn't seem disappointed in their adoration. I mean, lead singer Alexis Taylor was rocking bright yellow pants. Coupled with the groups' signature driving beats, a bit of steel drum and rattle action and a lot on stage vertical jumping, it was enough to make anyone shake it a little.

Hot Chip has always seemed to me as if they're mad scientists conducting some sort of musical experiment on stage (maybe it has to do with the glasses?) Their Fox performance had moments of that crazed, methodological energy but also points where the mood fell flat a bit. Maybe they were conserving their energy for the desert? Regardless, they picked it up when they needed to and satisfied all with hits off of their latest feel-good opus One Life Stand as well as old favorites off of Made in the Dark and The Warning ("Over and Over," I'm looking  at you). All in all, a solid show from a band who's constantly innovating (and doing some pretty weird stuff. Case in point here).



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