Show Us Your Pits: Good Eating, Good Cause


I've been a peach fanatic for a long time, subscribing to the peach-a-day theory until the bitter end of the season. So I was heartened to hear that there might be some primal reason behind this craving I have for the queen of stone fruits. To quote from the My Fruit, My Body press release: "A new study by AgriLife Researchers at Texas A&M University provides some extremely promising results in the fight against breast cancer. The study, published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, reported that even the most aggressive type of breast cancer cells died after exposure to peach and plum extracts in lab tests. Better yet, the cancerous cells were killed without any damage to surrounding normal cells." (Read more about it on Science Daily.)

My heart of hearts (my breast of breasts?) tells me that there's most likely something good for us, even cancer preventing, in most all fruits and vegetables, but it never hurts to feel like your peach addiction has been enabled. The most recent antioxidant darling, the blueberry—having received the double peach/plum punch—is clearly reeling right now. (Curse you stone fruit!)

For two more weeks, through Sept. 15, participating restaurants around town are donating $1 to the My Fruit My Body cause for their peach/plum dishes. At Scala's you can get an Italian prune plum crustada with ginger gelato; Fifth Floor is serving foie gras paté with peaches, pistachio and vanilla salt; and at Marlowe, you've got your fresh peaches with burrata. For the complete list of restaurants, check out the Facebook page. 

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