It seems that San Francisco is now gripped with full-scale hot dog mania. For your edification, we present the following (incomplete) timeline:

  • Absinthe chef Jamie Lauren vows to make housemade hot dogs, then does


And now, the latest entry into the hot dog race readies for a Wednesday opening. Show Dogs, an emporium of encased meat, is owned by Foreign Cinema chef/owners John Clark and Gayle Pirie. Its Market Street location, just down the block from the Warfield, will soon be jammed with downtown worker bees making their selection from the 11 daily offerings, which include Let's Be Frank and 4505 Meats' classic franks, a Louisiana hot link with relish and Dijon, a Boudin Noir with sauce soubise and, yes, a corn dog. The mind reels with possibilities, and we have it on good authority that more selections (many sourced from Napa-based Fatted Calf) are coming down the pike. Also: onion rings, french fries and beer on tap.