Sips and Gulps: The Latest in Booze News


I had to do this little column just because of all the interesting little newsbits about drinks that turned up over the last couple of days. Here's a rundown.

  • Five Roman shipwrecks discovered in Mediterranean contained wine. They were discovered off the remote island of Ventotene and evidently contained wine from Calabria, which is one of the specialties of A-16. Maybe Shelley Lindgren can get an amphora for her list.
  • Lance Armstrong continued his not-so-subtle endorsement of wine drinking, saying that before the last ride of the Tour “To be honest with you, went to dinner . . . had a few more glasses of wine than I normally would.” Nice to know that elite athletes aren't afraid of enjoying a glass during a race. I'm sure that runners in yesterday's marathon did both before and after.
  • The title of this article alone is enough to make one smile: Red wine increases female sex drive, say hopeful scientists. Never, ever give up.
  • As I've noted here before, how nice to have a President who makes enjoying a drink seem normal and healthy. Obama's reconciliatory efforts in the latest tempest-in-a-pint glass have even been called beer diplomacy. Of course, you have chuckle at the Indian Wine Academy's negative spin on the affair: beer's gain is wine's loss. Of course, who could imagine the flack he would have taken if Obama had asked the squabbling professor and policeman to come to the White House and talk about things over a glass of Merlot.
  • Speaking of beer, the sky is falling: German Beer Consumption Dries Up. Maybe Obama should help our ally out by pouring a proper German Weisbeer this week, instead of the Blue Moon wheat beer that Sgt James Crowley seemed to favor. It is summer, after all. Obama could call the German beer specialists at Suppenkuche for a recommendation. Speaking of which, it's never too early to get tickets for Oktoberfest By the Bay (turn volume down before hitting that link).
  • And, oh, they chose a winner in the "Really Goode Job" contest. Jon Bonné has all you'd ever want to read about it.
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