Siblings are allies in times of distress and dessert, and only occasionally need a swift smack upside the head. Wendy Wasserstein hits all the high points as she prods at the bonds of family in The Sisters Rosensweig, one of her more compelling offerings to the world o' American theater. Drawing from her heritage and travels through Eastern Europe before the wall fell, Wasserstein's story is steeped in Jewish culture and humor, but also a reflection on why they behave the way they do - namely, because they're Rosensweigs.

Jeri Lynn Cohen, Nancy Carlin, and Deb Fink play the sisters - one the head of an international bank, another a world-roaming journalist, the third a mother and housewife. Happiness eludes the siblings, possibly because they were raised in a household where heartbreak is sometimes confused with the after-effects of a bad piece of salmon. But the play is described as insightful comedy so, rest assured, they figure it out.

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