photography by Drew Altizer

On March 3, Francoise and Andrew Skurman hosted a reception for author Tom Dolby, whose recent novel The Sixth Form was released by Kensington earlier this year, at their private residence. Dolby, who was a 2005 Library Laureate for the San Francisco Public Library, was raised in San Francisco.

Atmosphere                                                             Andrew Skurman, Vaughn Woodson

Elise Kessler, Brian Grieve    Peter Solmssen, Barbara Willenborg    Derek Windham, Annie Jeong

Andrew Skurman, Nancy Boas                  Kevin Clarke, K.M. Soehnlein, Tom Dolby

Dr. Caroline Cline, Francoise Skurman   Dagmar Dolby, Richard Goldman, Helen Hilton Raiser

Claudine Marken, Jerry Oremland                                                        Natasha Desterro, Ray Dolby

Antonia Clark, Jennifer Siebel   Tom Dolby, Jennifer Siebel           Liam Mayclem, Jamel Perkins

Antonia Clark, Michael Cohen             Francois Skurman, Dagmar Dolby, Natasha Desterro

Natasha Desterro, David Dolby           Tom Dolby, Francoise Skurman, Andrew Skurman