"Sleepless Nights" was supposed to be the second track on Gram Parsons' posthumously released second album, Grievous Angel, and the album's title. But jealous of Gram's relationship with Emmylou Harris, she pulled the track, along with three others featuring Emmylou, and it wasn't released until 1976's Sleepless Nights, an album consisting mainly of covers and the three dropped Grievous Angel tracks. Eight years ago, Eric Shea tried to get in touch with the people behind the Cosmic American Music Festival at Joshua Tree, where Parsons died in 1973 of a booze/morphine overdose at the age of 26. The unresponsive festival organizers prompted Shea to start his own tribute, and Sleepless Nights continues as an annual tradition honoring the father of the alt-country sound. The 2010 rendition of Sleepless Nights this Friday at the Great American Music Hall will feature Paula Frazer, The Stone Foxes, and one of my favorite local bands, The Real Sippin' Whiskeys.