So Much Sex, So Little Time


I’ve been known to read more about sex than to actually have it, but that’s a blog for another time. Back to the stuff I’ve been reading. … Recent news includes: 

“Seniors are still having sex well into their 70s, 80s and 90s.” 

“Half of all teens have had oral sex.” 

“Married people have more sex than their single counterparts.”

My recent favorite is: “When men and women were asked to choose one thing they couldn't live without—sex, chocolate or alcohol, men said sex was five times more important than chocolate, with alcohol a close second.”

Richart chocolate
Women love their chocolate; courtesy of Richart

And the shocker: Women couldn’t give up sex or chocolate, rating them of equal importance, and only one in five women said they could never give up their vodka and tonic.

However, a recent study by the University of New South Wales had several interesting points. It addresses some of your biggest issues in one tidy package:

Money matters. The study says that women who make more than $52,000 a year have more orgasms than women who make less. So, more zeros means more “0”s.

See—it’s OK to focus on your career awhile longer. Just keep pushing for that bonus.

Orgasms. Men and women who've been dating each other for one or two years are more likely to orgasm. However, if they’ve been together for less or more time than the one- to two-year span, they’re less likely to achieve sexual satisfaction.

That’s why we’re so infatuated with our honeymoon phase. But, like I said last week, you can get sex back.

Sex toys. Women are more likely to orgasm during intercourse if they’ve used a sex toy in the past year.
Rabbit Habbit 
The Rabbit Habbit; courtesy of MyPleasure

I’m a fan of any study that encourages the use of sex toys. Particularly because I’m not a fan of the controversy surrounding said toys: Men have been known to become intimidated when their lady friends bring them out, especially if the toys are bigger than they are or, god forbid, get more action than they do. Other anti-sex toy crusaders like to push the misconception that you’ll never be able to have an orgasm with another person if your Rabbit or other fave product becomes your new BFF. Don't believe their hype.

ticklekitty sex products
Cupid's Coming Kit; courtesy of ticklekitty


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