saké2me celebrated its SF launch with a big bash at Harlot last Monday. Made from junmai (or pure rice) sake, the infused drinks were served up in cocktails at the party.

Adam S., Valeria K.                  Laura S., Jesse P.                       Jacqueline Q., Erica S.

Olivia V., Dan A.                        Megan H., Ashley S.               Eiming Y., Elizabeth S., Gian Paolo V.

Sarah J., Molly W.                       Seneca K., Zainab K.              Beth B., DJ Solomon, Nicole C.

Damon W., Zapora M.                Adam S., Jeffrey S.                   Katie B., Ann C., Abi M.

Justin G., Yvonne M.                Chris W., Brian E.                         Johanna R., Jeffrey S., Carol L.

Kate E., Audra K., Andrea C.

Kim W., Tiffany W., Cameron W.

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