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Here at 7x7, we’ve noticed a subtle yet daring trend has emerged onto the runways, into the streets and onto the feet of fashionable ladies everywhere: socks worn with heels

To the surprise of many, this look isn’t as new as it seems.  Besides the fact that it was the norm for American housewives and teenage girls in the ’40s, pairing thigh-baring hosiery with heels has been popular amongst Harajuku girls in Japan for years.  In recent seasons, the trend has been spotted all over the runways of such designers as Miu Miu, Wunderkind and Peter Jensen.               


Wunderkind, Miu Miu, Peter Jensen.  All courtesy of

Of course, if a trend hits the runway, then it’s bound to find a following by Hollywood’s It girls. Chloë Sevigny, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Agyness Deyn have all been spotted sporting socks—from ankle to thigh high—with their posh pumps.

Agyness Deyn (Courtesy of, Chloë Sevigny (Courtesy of, Sarah Jessica Parker (Courtesy of

We’ve also noticed the trend trickling down from high fashion to the SF streets. For those easing into the look, we’re seeing scrunched knee-highs beneath boots with only a hint of the stocking to be seen. Others, such as those pictured here, have been daring enough to release their socks from the dark captivity of their sneakers into broad daylight:

Spotted in Nob Hill, the Haight and Union Square.

Not only is this combo smart and hip, it’s also practical.  (We all know what it’s like to get caught bare legged on a typically cold SF day!) Here’s where to go to achieve the look.

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