Solillaquists Of Sound: Hip-Hop On A More Serious Note


Orlando bred quartet, Solillaquists of Sound, have undeniably changed the way we see hip-hop over the last couple years. Releasing just their sophomore album on Anti-, No More Heroes, the second in a trilogy of “conceptually-linked records,” the sound is much more authentic and raw blending elements of dubstep, afrobeat, folk, most obviously hip-hop, but surprisingly more synth-beats infused in a background of beautiful harmonies.

Coming off tours with notables like KRS-One, Lyrics Born, Ozomatli, Sage Francis, Michael Franti and many others, Solillaquists Of Sound take hip-hop to a new level on this album. The raw energy bursting on this record almost reaches to the point of combustion. The themed concept runs deeper than the hip-hop runs in their veins, and it harnesses exactly what their name entails, a number of soliloquies to the state of society and some unabashed shameless renderings of the world we live in.  For some serious soul-searching hip-hop, pick up this album and listen to it through a couple of times. Let it sink in and you’ll appreciate the bold lyrics and inventive methods Solillaquists utilize. If this is their sophomore album, we can hardly hold onto our seats long enough for the finale to this trilogy.

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