Blow Dad's mind with modern cannabis gifts and accoutrements. (Courtesy of Tetra)

8 Canna-tastic Gifts for Dank Dads


From buzzy cold brews to disposable vapes to stigma-breaking activewear, there's a cannabis gift for every dad, whether he's curious about this brave new world or totally OG.

Here are our picks for the most elevated Father's Day presents.

Somatik Cold Brew Coffee

Make his morning with Somatik's cannabis-infused Ritual Coffee cold brew ($15), which is basically a bottle of balanced buzz for focus, clarity, and productivity. He can go all in if that's his style, but we suggest sipping from the bottle (it's loaded with 30mg of THC) throughout the day for a pleasant, low dose experience. // Available at SPARC, 473 Haight St. (Lower Haight),

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