courtesy of Box Girls

Holiday gatherings with my family were never really quiet. There was always music playing on the stereo and lively chatter around the table. There weren’t many lulls in conversation with our bunch, but I hear about others who struggle with passing the time at gatherings.

The Box Girls make boxes of questions that contain what they call “cards to create great conversations.” I’ve got the Thanksgiving Box and opened it pre-holiday to check it out. Some questions are basic (What is your favorite family tradition?), but others that seem basic could elicit some creative answers (What is your family motto?).

I can see them being especially good to use with kids at the table. The green angle here is that they’re printed on recycled paper with soy ink, and a portion of proceeds set aside for environmental organizations. Other boxes in the line include different themes, such as Hanukkah, Christmas and the Slumber Party.

Find them at Whole Foods in Los Gatos, Lola of North Beach, and elsewhere.