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The re-usable bento box.

My first meal at Delica rf-1 was just a few short months ago when our online group (all six of us) went out for our first official team lunch. It’s hard to believe that it took me more than three years to eat at Delica. But with so many choices at the Ferry Building Marketplace, how can you blame me? In the past, my go-to spots were the Slanted Door, Mijita and Ferry Plaza Seafood. Now I’ve added Delica to that list.

In the last few months, I’ve been to Delica several times—with my most notable visit being a party of theirs last Wednesday. While they didn’t have some of my favorites—the tofu steak topped with a dark miso sauce, pine nuts and bamboo shoots or the spicy burdock root salad, for example—they showcased one of the largest and most beautiful buffets I’ve ever seen. Think miso-glazed, grilled black cod, sesame tofu, oyster rice, local white sea bass with seasonal veggies, a tofu salad with tomatoes and garden lettuce, fried anchovies and roast beef with ponzu dressing. Not to mention tuna sashimi, sliced expertly by chef Ryozo Shigematsu—whom you may have seen in a past Japanese Iron Chef competitions.

Miso-glazed black cod                                            Oyster rice and roast beef
Tuna sashimi                                                         Fried anchovies

Between rounds, my friend and I marveled at the Bay views (which I’ll never tire of) and mingled with local farmers, visiting Japanese guests and a few people from CUESA. And even with such an elaborate spread and my multiple platefuls, I didn’t feel like a glutton or a slug because the dishes were that “clean.” I’m all for using the freshest ingredients, supporting our local farmers and making even the simplest food look like art.

It’s a good thing that I ate so well last week because by the time you read this, I’ll be on my way to Montana for a backpacking trip in Glacier. I hear there are Grizzlies up there, but I’m not worried.

Wish me luck!
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