Fully Flared
courtesy of Lakai

Full disclosure: I am currently readying to leave for SXSW in Austin, where I plan to report back on music news relating to places near (like Talking House Records’ SFxSXSW showcase) and far. So I’ll be keeping this dispatch short.

That said, I write bearing great news for those who worship at the shrine of filmmaker Spike Jonze. The San Francisco Film Society's monthly screening series, SF360 Film + Club, is due to start back up on Wednesday, March 26 at Mezzanine. And what better way to make a comeback then to do so via the most anticipated skateboarding video OF ALL TIME. Okay, I don’t have stats to back up that statement, and I’m not an expert when it comes to skate videos. But unlike the myriad skate videos out there, Ty Evans, Spike Jonze and Cory Weincheque's Fully Flared takes an art genius eye at the land boarding culture and comes with a soundtrack that incorporates tunes from Arcade Fire, Flaming Lips and David Bowie. AND if that doesn’t get you running to buy tickets, (rumor has it) there’s even a bit of pyrotechnics.