The Spinsters of SF threw its big fall charity event, Luxe, at newly renovated 1015 Folsom. More than 400 attendees descended on the party and raised more than $13,000 for for Real Options for City Kids (ROCK).

Nicole Bonar_Tara Kramlich Kevin Whittaker_Liz Brusca Adrienne Plaskett_Vicki Potthoff
Nicole Bonar, Tara Kramlich        Kevin Whittaker, Liz Brusca     Adrienne Plaskett, Vicki Potthoff

Liz Brusca_Shannon Luke Philippe Shell_Oscar Bazan Phil Boissiere_Adrienne Plaskett
Liz B., Shannon Luke                   Philippe Shell, Oscar Bazan      Phil Boisserie, Adrienne P.

Bellanca_Cardinale_Ramsay Kristen Harper_Michelle Curtis
Barbara Bellanca, Gianna Cardinale, Christine Ramsay   Kristin Harper, Michelle Curtis

Pettid_Luke_Hayes Brent McClain_Christine Ramsay
Heidi Pettid, Shannon L., Ashley Hayes                         Brent McClain, Christine R.

Erica Lodge, Michelle C., Susie Hall, Vicky P.

Adam Steinhorn, Kevin W., Erik Noland, Erik Davis

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