Zahra is moving in with a man. Something that would be perfectly acceptable to her Muslim parents, as long as he isn’t white, an atheist, or her boyfriend. When they learn he’s all of these things, consequences bombard Zahra with all the subtlety of irate heat-seeking missiles. 

A compelling one-woman show about the great culture divide that exists in Danville, All Atheists Are Muslim is Zahra Noorbakhsh’s vivid autobiographical account of what happens when a young Iranian-American woman has to tell her deeply traditional parents that she’s moving in with her boyfriend - something that could also be called “spitting ruthlessly on everything they hold dear.” Carving up stereotypes and sauteeing them with comedy and heart, Noorbakhsh’s one-woman show dives deep into cultural and religious differences and finds the universal humanity. 

Through October 1. 533 Sutter Street. Tickets are $20-30 at