courtesy of Liz Hickok

Attention aspiring climatologists and art enthusiasts (and those who happen to fall in the “both” category of the wacky Venn diagram I just summoned into being by the power of suggestion): Have I got an art opportunity for you. "Strange Weather," the inaugural exhibition at the brand new David Cunningham Projects gallery will feature the work of (among others) one of my favorite local artists, Liz  Hickok. You may have heard of Ms. Hickok before—her Jello installations and their documentation are instant legends for those lucky enough to witness them, either jiggling in person or immortalized on film. Ms. Hickok’s Scottsdale in Jello photograph as well as her Marina Tidal Wave video (a magnificently frightening, Gumbi–like affair) will be on display. The show aims to raise questions about our interactions with our physical environment and will also feature the works of such talents as Eva Bovenzi, Lauren Davies, Chris McCaw, David Maisel, David Maxim, Joan Perlman and Simon Reilly.
The opening is set for September 1 from 6pm to 9pm (come rain or shine!) and the show runs through September 29.