photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

A warm-up to FashionWeekLive took place a couple of nights ago at the Clift Hotel with regular folk mingling with IMG's top models.

Tyson Beckford and fans                                                          Catherine Marovich, Catherine Chen

Rosalina Lydster, Lori Levine, Claudia Ross     Jessica Baring, Renee Sheparde, Joe Strettel

Danielle Goodman, Alex Bie, Eva Januszkiezwiske               Kevin Krier (FWL director), Fern Mallis

Jessica Baring, Peter Levy, Betsey Olum                          Katherine Neale, Jen Turner

Eva Januszkiewiske, Lori Levine   Albert Reid, Jaya Erkkila           Jessica O'Callahan, Lauren Miller

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