STRIKE and 7 Questions with an <i>Office</i> Star

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Greetings blog peepers,

Cupertino was the place to be last night, well at one particular spot: STRIKE. It's a new bowling lounge where the hip were hanging for a few hours last night. Wait—did I say that?! What I meant to say was a mix of media (free food and booze, we're there) and Cupertino locals were there to soak up a piece of this new nightlife.

WOW. The place is swanky. A neon jungle of lights, more than 30 bowling lanes, a pool hall, an arcade and wait for it ... bowling alley food that was REALLY GOOD!

And then of course there were the cocktails, which flowed freely, and I mean FREELY for hours.

It was worth the one-hour drive south for sure ... ooh and I neglected to mention that the party was hosted by one of the cast members from The Office, Michael's girlfriend. Lord, you know her name? See, the cocktails were that good. Can’t remember her name, BUT here are some photos to prove that I met her. And actually, she was pretty brilliant at bowling. STRIKE, STRIKE, STRIKE was a common call from her corner.

As for my success? Well, I played against a few pals and came in second. Happy to report that I gave my pal and fellow Eye on the Bay host Brian Hackney a good run for his balls! Sorry, Brian. And thanks Catherine, Justin, Rick and Karl for the spirited challenge. Ha ha. Ooh and congrats, Justin. He beat us all!

Anyway, great party, great spot and worth rallying your office mates out of our glorious 7x7 miles. Really it is … wait … STRIKE.

And now for … 7 Questions with STRIKE’s launch party host Angela Kinsey from NBC’s The Office:

1. What comes to mind when you think of San Francisco?
Angela Kinsey: Cool. Eclectic. Calf muscles.

2. Are you a bowler? What’s your bowling average?
AK: Well, I just bowled 113. So it's over a hundred.

3.What are your bowling memories?
AK: As a teenager in Wichita Falls, Texas, I would hang out at the bowling alley with friends, boys, giggling and gutter balls.

4. What do you make of bowling fashion?
AK: The kicks are awesome. I asked if I could keep them.

5. If your fellow actors from The Office were here, who would you choose to be on your team?
AK: Phyllis for sure. She rocks at bowling. She even has her own ball.

6. How about your amore, Michael? How would he fare here in the bowling lounge?
AK: Michael would not be bowling. He'd be talking and making up a silly dance.

7. Any plans for an upcoming episode of The Office in a bowling lounge?
AK: Not a chance. However, we did have our wrap party last season at a bowling lounge in L.A. That was great.
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