Stuff We Like: Our Weekly Editors' Endorsements


Curried Potato Croquettes
On days when I am feeling lazy, or when I return from a three-day weekend and the fridge is bare, I make a beeline for the Nijiya Market and buy a couple packages of their curried potato croquettes. Recrisped in the oven, with a side dish of whatever is collecting dust in the crisper drawer, they are the perfect easy dinner. -Jessica Battilana

Mathew Zapruder’s Come on All You Ghosts

If you’re starting to feel as through you’re drowning in the insubstantial minutia of tweets, status updates, and Snooki headlines, let me share an antidote. It’s called poetry, and Matthew Zapruder is here to remind us that it’s alive and well. Zapruder’s third collection of poems, titled Come on All You Ghosts, just hit bookshelves, and it deserves your time. Zapruder, who’s won the William Carlos Williams Award for his 2006 collection, The Pajamist, composes terse, unpredictable, razor-sharp explorations into modern life that hit like little bullets of insight. By turns clever, poignant, and harrowing, Zapruder’s poems are a reminder of what’s true in an age of noise. -Robin Rinaldi


Glen Canyon Park
Yesterday I discovered Glen Canyon Park, tucked away behind Diamond Heights right off of O’Shaughnessy Boulevard before you hit the entrance to 280. One step into the park and you’ll forget that you’re still actually smack in the middle of the city. Take the main trail, which loops around the canyon, and cross little bridges and boardwalks, or choose a diversion with one of the many offshoots available. My boyfriend and I found a few rope swings and rocks for bouldering/climbing. It’s the perfect weekend adventure if you’re looking to stay in the city but feel like discovering a hidden gem. —Allison McCarthy


49 Sq. Mi. Handbag
Made by a great local company, this “Busy Body Crossbody” bag ($295) is the perfect companion to a girl that works somewhere called 7x7. Plus, I love that it’s meant to be slung over the shoulder, which both practical and comfortable. It’s kind of a man bag with a woman’s touch, perfect for stylish androgyny. Too pricey? Keep up with their sample sales on the 49 Sq. Mi. Facebook page. -Sara Deseran
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