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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Champagne Gummies, Couples Massages + More

Valentine's Day is approaching whether you like it or not. And while you can never go wrong with flowers, chocolates, and lingerie, we have a couple slightly more unique ideas that are sure to get the romance started next weekend. 

How to Look Chic at Super Bowl 50 (No Matter Where You Watch)

Broncos orange is a very hard color to pull off. And Carolina's bright blue can be a little daunting in the dead of winter. So regardless of who you're supporting this gameday, take our advice and opt for warm layers, comfy-cool kicks, and a clear carryall (a requisite for anyone actually attending the game). You'll look chic, and also like you know the difference between a false start and a neutral zone infraction. 

Where to Shop Till You Drop in Marin County

There are so many reasons to fall in love with Marin County: local farm-to-table dining, beautiful landscapes, outdoor activities, fantastic culture, and friendly people.

In Memoriam: Nearly 1,000 San Franciscans Remember Wilkes Bashford With Fondness and Grace

If you had wandered through the Financial District, City Hall, Union Square, or Pacific Heights this morning, you would have wondered if everyone had gone away, or at least gone shopping. Instead, the throngs were gathering at Grace Cathedral to honor the memory of beloved Wilkes Bashford, the dapper clothier who outfitted several generations of San Francisco’s best-dressed men and women.  

Robin Williams' Napa Estate Finally Sells for $18M

A year and a half after the beloved comedian's death, Robin Williams' Napa estate, Villa Sorriso, has finally sold for $18.1 million.

We Wanna Be Friends With Dave Gilboa, Cofounder of Warby Parker

You've all heard the story of Warby Parker, yes? Well, in case you haven't, this guy Dave Gilboa was traveling in Thailand. He lost his $700 glasses. A poor (at the time) business school student at Wharton, he stumbled through the following semester practically blind. And then he got the idea for a startup.

5 More Local Photographers Who Got Their Big Breaks on Instagram

Becoming a successful Instagrammer is the ultimate dream. Meet five Bay Area photographers who have quite their day jobs, traveled the world, and grown their careers through Instagram.

Juniper Ridge Bottles the Fresh Scents of NorCal's Great Outdoors

If, like me, you're tired of the oddly synthetic smell that comes with department store perfumes and wish that you could bottle clean mountain air as your everyday eau de toilette, then you'll be elated to know about Juniper Ridge, an Oakland-based aroma company producing organic, bottled wilderness scents straight from the source. 

Check Into These Chic New Wine Country Hotels

There may have been no room at the inn for Mary and Joseph that one fateful Christmas, but travelers to Wine Country will have plenty of new options this holiday season. New hotels and renovated properties offer many cozy places to rest your heads (note: bring your own manger).

The Cognoscente: Andrew Block Brings Smart Watches to a Traditional Fine Jewelry Purveyor in Silicon Valley

Timepieces have always played a big part in the classic American dream: Once given by employers to recognize decades of work well done, and later purchased or gifted as timeless symbols of status and success. Today in Silicon Valley, the old wristwatch has been disrupted like everything else, with smart watches doing everything from tweeting to taking selfies. So what does it mean for luxury watch purveyors of the elite old guard? For Menlo Park industry vet Andrew Block, evolution is everything.

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