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Take a Peek Inside FiDi’s Credo Restaurant

Food is rarely just food these days. Whether it's about where the ingredients come from, how long it takes to prepare or how much of it ends up in the trash after dinner service, dining out in San Francisco often involves a choice bigger than simply Thai or Italian (or Eritrean, Japanese, Turkish, Venezuelan...).

Credo in SF's financial district is wearing it's mission on its sleeve, er…walls, and there's a philosophy to suit every style. The space is designed by Heidi Richardson (great-granddaughter of legendary architect H.H. Richardson) of Richardson Architects and features walls covered in hundreds of quotes, from the profound ("I believe that architects need to deliver more hope and optimism." —Santiago Calatrava) to the absurd ("We are all worms. But I believe that I am a glow worm." —Winston Churchill). The panels were a collaboration between Frank Holland of Clinton Reilly Holdings and San Francisco design firm, Alterpop.