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A Cal Rugby Player Shows Us 9 Effortless Men's Looks for Fall

The effortless soft swagger Schuyler Whiting brings to a room is enviable. Born in San Francisco and relocated as a tot to cozy Kentfield in Marin County, Whiting is a quintessentially NorCal guy: tall, lanky, and intelligent, with a penchant for classic rock music, sports, and the great outdoors.

Fashion Week Photography, New Leica Store, and a ModaVive Warehouse Sale

Bringing you the latest in retail therapy around the Bay Area. 

Top 7 Fall Fashion Trends for SF Ladies

Our resident fashion expert Lauren Goodman canvasses the collections to see how fall’s top trends stack up in San Francisco.

Rock on With Jewelry From Sister Design Duo RJBijoux

Rena Leinov, 38, and Juliet Belkin, 35, credit bohemian parents for their creative upbringing in the USSR, where they donned toe shoes and wielded paintbrushes. In 2012, the sisters mixed these artistic leanings with a business savvy honed as Silicon Valley software developers to launch RJBIJOUX,

An Intergalactic Style Guide for Your Upcoming Space Odyssey

As humankind ventures beyond our atmosphere with these astronomical projects, we wonder: What does one wear in outer space? —David Lytle

Property Porn: SoMa Nightclub The EndUp Could Be Yours For $5.2M

For the same price as a 1-bedroom apartment in some parts of the City, you can have your very own gritty SoMa nightclub complete with full bar and somewhere nearby to pass out when the night's over. 

Fall Fashion Comfy Enough to Wear to Bed

Fall clothes have the insouciance of your favorite old tee. Wear them to bed.

Meet the 2014 Style Council

We salute the new honor guard of San Francisco fashion.

How To Wear Your Backpack On Public Transit

Now that backpacks are en vogue and thus de rigeur on all forms of public transportation, your fellow passengers might want to pummel the living merde out of you should you wear one on a crowded Muni without adhering to these helpful tips:

Gucci To Launch First Cosmetic Line In October

Plan on ditching your Cover Girl addiction, folks. Gucci is set to launch a beauty line this October, their first brush with the makeup market in the Italian brand's 93-year history. 

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