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Look of the Week: Minnie Muse

While the opening of the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco instead of LA can seem a bit perplexing at first, we'll be the first to welcome the fantastical addition with open arms and wide eyes. Whether you're more of a Jasmine or a Cinderella, we think it's safe to say that every girl has wanted to be a Disney princess at some point. And since we've always had a soft spot in our hearts for polka-dots and bows, we decided to dedicate this week's look to the original Disney muse, Minnie Mouse:

Video: American Apparel Casting Call

We received word via Twitter that American Apparel was holding a casting call down the block and couldn't resist the opportunity for some prime video footage.  Watch some of our local candidates for the next steamy American Apparel ad strike a pose.

A Message to Midriffs: Please Stop Assaulting Tim Gunn

That plea also goes out to Crocs, by the way. In fact, an outfit consisting of Crocs, a shrunken and belly-exposing mini tee atop a pair of sweatpants might be enough to singe the eyeballs of style guru Tim Gunn, in town over the weekend to introduce the first Kate Spade apparel collection to over a hundred adoring fans gathered at Bloomingdale's in the San Francisco Westfield Centre.

Sustainable Underwear: Taking Sustainability to New Lows

Strangers are emailing Jeff Denby and Jason Kibbey nearly naked photos of themselves. It’s an unexpected bonus from the August launch of their underwear company, PACT. “I’m admittedly an underwear nerd and I told anybody that would listen that I wanted to start a garment company,” says Denby, who met Kibbey in the MBA program at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley in 2006. The two, who share a passion for environmental advocacy, paired up to design a sustainable, stylish undergarment. When wunderkind SF designer Yves Behar saw their prototype in a product-development class, the idea expeditiously moved from class project to business plan.

When Losing La Mer to the TSA Has a Happy Ending

Watching a pot of La Mer skin moisturizer end up in the unsympathetic, post-liquid-ban hands of TSA agents just before a trip through the desert climate of North Africa could easily constitute a cosmetics calamity of the highest degree. But for San Francisco native Katharine L’Heureux, it may have been the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

“We were in the desert and my skin was so dry, and I asked [someone], ‘What do the locals do,’” recalls L’Heureux of her first La Mer-less days in Morocco.

Look of the Week: Animal Instinct

Between all the animal prints spotted on the runway and the SF Zoo's Annual Fur Ball this Saturday, it's safe to say there's no better time to take a walk on the wild side. The problem with this bold trend is that it can quickly go from positively chic to something you'd see, well, late night in the Tenderloin. That's why this week we decided to compile an animalistic ensemble that will help you stand out from the pack (in a good way):

Rachel Roy Talks Fashion, The Forties and Fisherman's Wharf

Fresh off the heels of NY Fashion Week, Macy's Passport and back-to-school shopping for her 9-yr-old daughter, Rachel Roy took the time to let us pick her brain (which she believes is the sexiest part of a woman)  to discuss her new diffusion line for Macy's, things no woman should be without (a trench coat accessorized with a smile) and her Bay Area roots:

What inspired your RACHEL Rachel Roy collection?

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