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Courtesy of HarperCollins

Truth be told, I am a complete organizational freak. I color coordinate my closet, tape Polaroids of each pair of shoes to the outside of my Container Store shoe boxes, and fold every sweater uniformly. I’m the first to admit that it’s a bit obsessive, but damn my closet looks good!

Best in Beauty: Travel-Friendly Make-up Palettes

I finally found time to sneak in a few vacation days to see family this week in Ohio (and yes, dear GlamWatch readers, I am still faithfully blogging!). One of the challenges I faced packing for a red-eye flight at the 11th hour? Quickly downsizing my arsenal of beauty products to fit into a compact carry-on. Thankfully, my obsession with finding the ideal make-up palette to match just about any occasion--and purse size--left me with plenty of well-researched options. Here are my three on-the-go favorites:

Size Matters

7 Minutes with: Bryna Nicole

Two pieces from Bryna Nicole's fall collection

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Sure, the standard flowers are nice. But pampering presents and sparkly jewels for mom? Even better. For those of you who still haven’t come up with that perfect Mother’s Day gift, we’ve got a few extra last-minute suggestions.

Queen for the Day

Anthony Nak crown-stepped round scroll ring ($1,900) with rose cut natural brown diamonds in a satin-finished 18-k gold setting. Neiman Marcus, 150 Stockton St., 415-362-3900

She’s a Charmer

Feminine but Calculated

Candace, 25, California Home + Design Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Lives: The Haight (over it)
Wearing: H&M sweater (4 sizes too big), Flounce dress from Nordstrom, Steve Madden (excruciatingly painful) cowboy boots
In? The Sartorialist, Oversized Sun hats (for foggy SF days), Campari Cocktails
Out? Leggings, Stumbling out of the Ambassador, Overpriced clutches

Mother May I: Mama Mio Beauty

Courtesy of Mama Mio

Academy of Art Graduation Fashion Show

The Academy of Art University’s annual graduation fashion show Friday night proved to be yet another stylishly social affair. Under the Bryant Park-style tent at the university’s Brannan Street building, local gadabouts (Willie Brown, Sonya Molodetskaya, Joy Bianchi), fashion gurus (John Capizzi of Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue's Michael Fink) and celebrity designers and honorees (Ralph Rucci and James Galanos) gathered for a display of some of the city’s most promising emerging talent. “This doesn’t happen anywhere else, not even in Europe,” said Rucci.
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