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A NoPA Resident Shows Off Her Cozy To The Core Street Style

Name: Amanda Adams

Age: 21

Hood: Nopa

Job: Physical Therapist Aide in SoMa

What are you wearing?  American Apparel jacket and bag, Topshop sunglasses, H&M top and boots, and a Forever 21 hat and yoga pants. 

6 Reasons You Should Wear UNIQLO Supima Cotton

UNIQLO prides itself on creating the best basics in the Bay. A strong marriage of comfort and style produced in every shade of the rainbow provides San Francisco with unlimited options, no matter what the occasion.

Get An Insider's Look Into Tech & Food Hub 140 New Montgomery

If there’s one building in San Francisco that best personifies the mutable culture of San Francisco, it’s 140 New Montgomery. Alexis Madrigal so eloquently declared this in his story for The Atlantic, which breaks down his thesis by stories—not literary, but physical floors—noting its historical significance as the Pac Bell Building, highlights like a visit from Winston Churchill, and its current incarnation as tech and foodie hub with the arrival of Yelp and Trou Normand (plus Aziza is on the way).

Say Goodbye To Carrots, And Hello To Amour Vert and Fellow Barber

Bringing you the latest in retail therapy around the Bay Area.

The Moms Project + Eco-Luxury Expert Zem Joaquin's Earth Day Tips

What better way to commemorate Earth Day than by celebrating the women who make the world go 'round: Moms. 

This House Cray: A Pac Heights Home With Views Worth $9M

These days, it's simply not enough to have sweeping views of the entire Bay Area to admire from the windows of your humble abode, you also need five separate viewing decks to take it all in from, like this "cray" house does. 

A Lyft-er Shows Off His Street Style and Fancy Sneaks

Name: Daniel Cohen

Age: 36

Hood: Noe Valley

Job: Creative Producer at Lyft; founder at Collective Good; part-time picture taker

Capital Eyewear Makes A Spectacle Out of Handcrafted Frames

Blessed with perfect eyesight, Steven Kilzer is the sole member of his family unburdened by spectacles, and yet, in a grass-is-greener twist of fate, he’s made a living out of handcrafting eyeglass frames. “I’ve always had a fascination with glasses,” says the 27-year-old, who founded his SoMa-based sunglasses studio, Capital Eyewear, four years ago.

Join 7x7 VIP Style for the 2014 CCA Fashion Show

Lights. Camera. Fashion. The Fashion Design Program at California College of the Arts is proud to present the 2014 Annual Fashion Show.

We Wanna Be Friends With The Ladies Behind Freda Salvador

Our city is chock-full of interesting people and wild personalities. Overwhelmed by the coolness? Every week we'll pick one standout local we'd love to be friends with to answer seven essential questions about their life in San Francisco.

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