Super Bowl Sunday Bars For East Coast Expats


It took a wicked long time for the New England Patriots to get good.

For most of my 22 years in Boston, they pretty much sucked (hello, 1-15 season in 1990). It was bad, real bad. Then, the 2000’s arrived and Boston sports teams began to redeem themselves.

Yes, I know that San Francisco is still mourning the 49ers loss. However, there are heaps of New England and New York transplants here and (I can only speak for my hometown) if you were Bay State born-and-raised, it's strictly forbidden to relinquish support of Beantown sports teams. Do so, and you risk being turned away at the Massachusetts border for the rest of your life. 

Point being - where can an east coast expat find their fellow football fanatics this Super Bowl Sunday?

The Connecticut Yankee – Die-hard Boston fans, welcome home. It’s hard not to feel all warm and fuzzy when surrounded by your fellow breathren of cursing, screaming, Boston-accented Massholes. Dishes like the Larry Birdger and the Bill Buckner Fan Club (a turkey BLT) will assure you that this is, no doubt, a Boston place (though I hear they accept New Yorker’s as well). There's a gahden out back and pahking is easy. 100 Connecticut Street @ 17th, (415) 552-4440. 

The Red Jack – Popular with Red Sox fans, you know they'll accept Pats lovers too. Strong but inexpensive drinks, a great back patio with its own "green monster," and free hot dogs and donuts on Sunday make this a good choice. Now if only the donuts were Dunkin', sigh. 131 Bay St (near Stockton), (415) 989-0700

If you absolutely despise Boston sports fanatics, you should avoid Polk Street on Sunday at all costs (but why hate? We're so frickin' likeable). At The Buccaneer (an unofficial Boston bar), expect lots of rowdy, drunk Patriots fans. If the dive is too packed, you can spill into one of the other foddy or so bars nearby (foddy is the numbah aftah thirdy-nine). Shanghai Kelly's is a solid bet with a contingent of Boston bartenders. Greens Sports Bar also draws boisterous Pats fans. The Buc - 2155 Polk St. @ Vallejo, (415) 673-8023. Shanghai Kelly's - 2064 Polk St. @ Broadway, (415) 771-3300. Greens - 2239 Polk St. @ Green. (415) 775-4287.

Aces Bar - This is the place for NY Giants fans sequestered in SF. The owner is a native New Yorker and it’s home to the below-mentioned Meetup group. NY Giants fans, you will find your people here. 998 Sutter Street @ Hyde, (415) 673-0644.

Yes, just like “there’s an app for that,” there’s also a Meetup group for that! The NY Giants Fans Unite San Francisco chapter plans to ride a cable car dressed in NY Giants Blue on Sunday, Feb 5 at 2 p.m. Meet at the cable car turnaround on Market & Powell St. They also have a presence on Tumblr, so, for future reference, enthusiasts can stay in the loop of all NY Giants happenings in the Bay. 

For more sports bars which are playing nice and probably accepting of both team's fans, click here

Which bars did we miss? Let us know in the comments below.



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