courtesy of Jessica Brandi Lifland for Drew Altizer Photography

I know it’s starting to get cold outside, but let’s not use this as a reason to pull out those ratty thermals from the depths of your closet giveaway pile. Stop by Marmalade, a great little boutique that just opened on Union Street, and you’ll definitely make the effort to look oh-so-cute— even at bedtime. Packed full of sleepwear, lingerie and bath and body products, owner and former New Yorker Hope Schaffer has created a girlie girl’s haven. Look out for silky undergarments designed by local (and celeb fave) Mary Green; Juliet Radar’s scented Soya Love Candles; and Jessica Ress’ Angel Face Botanicals all-natural bath soaks (come holiday time: try the Rock Star Detox after a night of partying and you’ll feel amazingly rejuvenated). 1824 Union St., 415-673-9544,