Tasty toffee tid-bits.

The lovely Mollie Lewis paid us the best kind of visit today—she came bearing sweet treats, and she came right before lunch when I’m at my snackiest.  Mollie is the mastermind behind “Matzel Toffee,” individual matzah crackers covered with toffee, dark chocolate and big chunks of almonds. Before you dismiss them (matzah kind of has a bad rap, I know) let me reassure you: This is one good snack.

Using her grandmother’s recipe (the tagline on her package reads “Bubbie never made it so good”) and a rented kitchen in the Jewish Community Center, she cranks out this kosher-for-Passover sweet, made under the watchful eye of a Rabbi. When you get invited to Seder, be a good guest and bring along a bag of this toffee—the other guests will thank you for bringing the most delicious dessert. Matzel Toffee is available at Bi-Rite market, Andronico’s and Draegers, or call 415-260-5571 to place an order.