Swingers, San Franciscans and Sex

Tales from the Playboy Mansion

First, let’s get a few things out of the way: No, I didn’t swim in the grotto, and yes, I’ll bring you next time. For sure.

I’d been to the mansion once before, but this time it was work: I was asked to do a show and arrived with my crew in tow.

My late arrival into LAX from Oakland forced me to do the quick car change into my “Playboy Goes Greek” attire. Invite said: Wear white.

Sure enough, we entered the party into a sea of sexy and scantily clad people draped in lacy, cottony, leathery whites. Kind of like Burning Man meets Playboy bunny on spring break in the Mediterranean.

Playing Pac Man in the Playboy gameroom

But first things first, I had to secure a cocktail and regroup in the bathroom.

Like most female bonding experiences, my first interview of the night happened to take place in the bathroom.  I was waiting in line and met a super sexy French woman who was reapplying the requisite layers of body glitter.

I found out she’s 24 years old, a recent divorcee, and at the party with her twin sister just “looking for some cute guys and/or girls to bring home, have some fun and hook-up.”  I guess the one about the French twins isn’t really an urban legend. And, even better,  they live in San Francisco.

with the French twins                                          Cousin Stevie from Showtime's Family Business

Then, I ran into two married couples from the Bay Area who like to swing from time to time but don’t want to be labeled as such.

Some swingers remind me of those vegetarians who have a cheeseburger now and then. So, while these couples are mostly monogamous, on some occasions they like to bring home another girl or couple to spice up their 10+ year marriages.

I was delighted but not surprised to find some adventurous San Franciscans at the party. In my experience, San Franciscans are more than willing to share and experiment sexually and otherwise.

with Constantine from American Idol

Just because your neighbors don’t “look” like swingers or self-made video porn stars, they just might be. They probably wouldn’t tell you about it at the PTA meeting, but they do tell me, and I’ll share their stories.

Twice a week, I’ll be writing about the sex lives of San Franciscans—sharing interviews, sex tips and sexy events not to miss.

About the show: Sex With Emily—a talk show. “Saving the world one orgasm at a time” began in my living room almost two years ago, born from the idea that everyone wants to talk about sex, is thinking about sex and that we can definitely all learn from each other’s sex lives. I interview guests ranging from experts to real people (like you!) about sex relationships and all those fun things in between.

You can check out all my podcasts and videos here: www.sexwithemily.com

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I’ll be posting the podcast and video from my visit to the mansion next week, so you can get all the juicy details.

And if you'd like to check out one of my past shows right now, here's one of me with 3 sexy women:


You can listen to all the shows at www.sexwithemily.com/listen.html.
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