photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

The Symphonix Dinner, preceding the 2007 opening gala concert featuring soprano Renée Fleming, was a black-tie affair that included a recception, dinner and dancing at City Hall.

Alex Turner_Jen Turner Kenny Slayen_Rita Congco Krista Mitzel_Holly Grochmal
Alex & Jen Turner                         Kenny Slayen, Rita Congco       Krista Mitzel, Holly Grochmal

Amy_Peter Friedli Leslie Gay_Ryan Roland Laura Miller_Matt Herold
Amy & Peter Friedli                     Leslie Gay, Ryan Roland           Laura Miller, Matt Herold

Alex Skillman_Jaime Jensen Marla Steuer_Tom Palecek Michelle Ravin_Christina Pan
Alex Skillman, Jaime Jensen     Marla Steuer, Tom Palecek      Michelle Ravin, Christina Pan

Erica Lodge_Bill Boissiere Paul Pelosi Jr._Kirsten Bartok Shannon Luke_Kristoph Lodge
Erica Lodge, Bill Boissiere       Paul Pelosi, Jr., Kirsten Bartok   Shannon Luke, Kristoph Lodge

Barry Shotts_Andrea Roberts_Michael Fischbein Michelle Robertson_Sean Cullen
Barry Shotts, Andrea Roberts, Michael Fischbein       Michelle Robertson, Sean Cullen

Kelly Grimes_Joe Garcia_Roberta Economidis Yurie Gelman_Dasha Semenova
Kelly Grimes, Joe Garcia, Roberta Economidis          Yurie Gelman, Dasha Semenova

Symphonix Dinner Hooman_Nicole Aflague_Steven Dinkelspiel
                                                                                   Hooman, Nicole Aflague, Steven Dinkelspiel

Thomas Heydorff, Michelle Robertson, Alice Zhang, Sean Cullen

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