Symphonix Fall Fete

photography by Aubrie Pick for Drew Altizer

Symphonix, which held its Fall Fete at soon-to-open Local Kitchen and Wine Merchant, brought more than 350 members together to experience a Cal-Italian menu (by chef Ola Fendert of Oola and Chez Papa) and wine selection (compliments of sommelier Mark Bright of Restaurant Michael Mina).

Angela Pak_Kim Mercado Diana Hayden_Aimee Logan Krista Mitzel_Michelle Curtis
Angela Pak, Kim Mercado           Diana Hayden, Aimee Logan    Krista Mitzel, Michelle Curtis

Marc Payne_Luke Maura Tracey Luke_Christiane Pelz Kevin Whittaker_Staci Dresher
Marc Payne, Luke Maura            Tracey Luke, Christiane Pelz      Kevin Whittaker, Staci Dresher

John Redwine_Christine Brown Philip Mikal_Meryl Mikal Mark Henderson_Jennifer Wharton
John Redwine, Christine Brown         Philip & Meryl Mikal      Mark Henderson, Jennifer Wharton

Erik Nolan_Grant Wood Jewel Sparks_Mickey Bruce.jpg Herta Schreiner_Minoo Ayat
Erik Nolan, Grant Wood              Jewel Sparks, Mickey Bruce      Herta Schreiner, Minoo Aya

Grimes_Contos_Boatwright Samantha Sevekow_Marlene Smith
Kelly Grimes, Christopher Contos, Joy Boatwright                  Samantha Sevekow, Marlene Smith

Gianna Cardinale_Steve Lurie_Marlene Smith Roberta Economidis_Tricia Weaver
Gianna Cardinale, Steve Lurie, Marlene Smith                        Roberta Economidis, Tricia Weaver

Economidis_Fendert_Grimes Marlene Smith_David William Scott
Roberta E., Ola Fendert, Kelly G.                                                     Marlene S., David William Scott

Susie Duane_Pierce Buxton_Sabrina Kong Lilia Fulton_Meredith McNamara
Susie Duane, Pierce Buxton, Sabrina Kong                                  Lilia Fulton, Meredith McNamara

Zen St. Clair_Hooman_Cameron Phleger Justin Fichelson_Louis Matthews
Zen St. Clair, Hooman, Cameron Phleger                                    Justin Fichelson, Louis Matthews

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