Symphonix members attended a lecture given by Associate Conductor James Gaffigan at the SF Conservatory of Music. This is one of several preview events leading up to the Symphony's opening gala. Gala co-chairs Makai Fisher and Stefanie Roumeliotes and Symphonix president Roberta Economidis and program chair Peter Boer all joined in the night's festivities.

Makai F., Trish Loucks Ferol Alandt, Gianna Cardinale Jennifer Hagan, Jen Turner, Naomi Fliflet

Holly Grochmal, Natalie Cook  Lauren Luke, Victoria Terheyden  Zach Georgopoulos, Roberta E.

Makai F., Stefanie Roumeliotes  Marina Costabile, Jen Turner    Roberta E., Jen T.

Charles Rashall, Holly G.        Jennifer Franks, Roberta E.       Lee Taylor, James Gaffigan  

Roberta E., Christiane Pelz       Peter Boer, Natalie Cook        Schauleh Sahba, Jackie Reiter

Missy Glovermen,Randy Hyde,Jessica Smith Rachelle Soderstrom,Sean Sullivan,Jackie Reiter

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