photography by Jessica Brandi Lifland for Drew Altizer

More than 200 people flocked to former Atherton mayor Charles Marsala's home to raise awareness about Symphonix and the SF Symphony among Peninsula and South Bay young professionals. And of course they came to have fun with a barbecue, music and cocktails poolside.

Teola Partain_Karin Wertz Susan Haden_Joe Sanchis Alex Turner_Roberta Economidis
Teola Partain, Karin Wertz           Susan Haden, Joe Sanchis   Alex Turner, Roberta Economidis

Peter Boer_Jenn Hagan Bill Garcia_Ina Lappin Joe Brown_Claudia Marcaccio
Peter Boer, Jenn Hagan              Bill Garcia, Ina Lappin               Joe Brown, Claudia Marcaccio

Charles Marsala_Joe Brown Michael Schwab_Elana Urbansky Beth Schnitzer_Lisa Pisaturo
Charles Marsala, Joe B.          Michael Schwab, Elana Urbansky  Beth Schnitzer, Lisa Pisaturo

Schafer_Schneider_Bay Nicole Slaughter_Juan Scarlett
Jake Schafer, Gabriela Schneider, Kirstyn Bay            Nicole Slaughter, Juan Scarlett

Lesnick_Mcinerney_Navar Juliana Triadafilopoulos_Lindsay Rees
Amy Lesnick, Rory Mcinerney, Indu Navar             Juliana Triadafilopoulos, Lindsay Rees

Marcus_Partain_Bohannon Chris Plasser_Thomas Winkler
Maria Hermanussen Marcus, Teola P., Katerina Bohannon  Chriss Plasser, Thomas Winkler

Eva Glasure, Pierce Buxton, Amy Mosebach, Kirstyn Bay

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